Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm back.

I thought I'd open this up again. There were a lot of Doctor visits in the past year or so. I got disinterested with writing. I'm on Facebook, Stephanie Flettshock, should get you there. I'll be writing short things here mostly. I have a short attention span.

Today's thought was:
I spent 37 years going in and out of being a transsexual. I cross-dressed, but the other cross-dressers stayed away from me because they could tell I was different. I'm transsexual, I want to BE not look like. My looks only give me about a 70% "passing" grade. But that's alright. I've learned to live with it. Others don't matter. I'm 58, been Stephanie for 7yrs now. I guess I'm the late bloomer they talk about. But what they can't realize is that I was always Stephanie. Maybe not physically, still not,but my mind says so. If your mind can't understand this it's YOU who have a problem.