Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"There's something about Stephanie"

Seems I been called everything but a white woman over on Elizabeth's, Notes from the T-side. It really means nothing to me, the name calling. It shows how petty she and a few others are sitting on top of their pedestal. She and her small group of 'true women' resort to name calling just as children on a playground do. Disagree with her and she'll call you names too!

So hurry over and get your chance to enlighten the 'women' and get your share of abuse! Then comment about the 'true girls' on your own blog. Spread the insanity!

(I'm sure I'll catch hell about this too!)



Elizabeth said...

Stephanie I never gave a rats ass about you until you started your inverted penis bullshit. I never commented on your existence and actually wish you no ill will but your own words betray you.

You believe you are a woman because you present as female. I do not believe simply presenting one way makes one that "way".

I wrote a post that was a factual assessment of AB 433 and my general assessment that it was a good bill. Despite some reservations, all bills are compromises in politics, I prefer the decisions about birth certificates etc. to be in the hands of doctors.

You hijacked the post although I do believe it was not your original intent. I read your blog in its entirety and as I said on my blog your first post on the prequel says it all.

What I do find amusing is your belief this is a small group who believe a penis in most circumstances defines you as a man unless you are a pre-operative transsexual which you have said you are not since surgery is an option you would never take or have you decided to flip-flop on that one also.

State your case why you are correct and I am wrong and stop whining.

Stephanie said...

I would like you to show me where I said that surgery has never been an option for me. In fact, it has always been my need to have it and not just some whim that I had. My financial status was and still is that I never could afford it. And now along with not having the money to have it, I find that I've become allergic to nearly all pain meds. You will agree that without them it would be an extremely painful experience. Even so, if I could pay for it, I would still have it. In posting the first chapter of my blog 'The Prequel', it is just that, the first chapter of my memories, nothing else. In fact, the whole blog is about things that happened to me, nothing more.

Your blanket declaration that anyone with a penis is not female is absurd. You at one time had one and yet you said and even your friend said that you were female even when you had it. I agree with you on that because our gender is between our ears and not between our legs. Surely you must agree with me on that.

We both started out with the goal of having the surgery needed to correct a birth defect. You made it very early in life and reached that goal. I have struggled getting there and it looks like I will never make it. I've done the best I could do.

Deena said...

Stephanie I have been reflecting on your story after reading most of your blog posts in both your blogs. The question I keep coming back to is how can you take your experiences and help others. Let me start by saying that I doubt getting into a tit for tat with an ET about equality will accomplish much.

Where I think you might contribute is being very open and honest about what stopped you. If I understand your situation you are now a non-op for a variety of financial and medical reasons. But what about ten years ago and 20 years ago? What advice would you give a 38 year old closeted transsexual who can't find a way forward?

My point is that you may have some valuable insights that could help others avoid ending up where you are. Is that not a better focus than bickering with someone of vastly different life experiences?

You can't win a tit for tat with Elizabeth because it is no contest no matter how much you want it to be one. She could actually be your ally if you shifted your focus to why you ended up where you have ended up. If you really are transsexual then speak to those things which prevented you from moving forward during each decade of your long life. There is no shame in not having either the intensity, knowledge or resources Liz had or acquired.

Oh, and just so you know, I'm a total ditz so feel free to disregard my advice. I can also get rather caustic when I sense that someone is being disingenuous but that is just one of my many personality flaws.

Stephanie said...

The reason, not that there has to be one, for what I wrote was not to show people what to do, but rather what not to do. I basically got high and drunk from the age of 19 to the age of 52, which I did while waiting to be able to transition.
I wanted to be on hormones, but until I finally got on the internet, (Aug. of '05) and found I could buy them without a prescription I couldn't afford them. Counseling and Dr. visits was just out of my budget since drinking and drugs was taking a lot of my money. After that my wages went to help me and my family survive which we were barely doing. On Jan. 3,'06 I took my first hormone pill.
I know, I know, I pissed my life away. That's something I'm very sorry for and now I will have to be satisfied with the outcome, not that I like it.
If I have one message to give anyone wanting to transition it's this. DON'T WAIT, do it now! Now is always the right time. Don't do like I did while waiting.

And about my trying to best Elizabeth. What I was doing was letting her show herself for who she really is. I'm a big girl with my big girl panties on. I can take it. The more names she and people like Anne call me, the more they show how high on a pedestal they put themselves. People read it and see how distorted their line of thinking is. I enjoyed poking at the hornets nest.

Anne said...
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Anne said...

Excuse me for interupting this sweet liitle "woe is me" self-flagellation party, but since you insist on baiting me, I will simply respond by pointing out that besides calling you a "self-pitying "envious and jealous" whinner", (which BTW the way, you freely and proudly admit that you are), I have done little more than use your own words to point out your hypocracy.

In response to my question as to whether your rather vulgar reference to my vagina as a "hidden inverted penis" implyig of course that I still had one and that made me "just like you" WAS A "HIDDEN SLUR"...You responded and I will QUOTE...

"Is this a hidden slur? Well, in one word 'Yes' You still have it. It's only outside turned inside." ~Steph

So spare us your machinations and your lies. All you do is show yourself even more the fool. I mean you talk about "distorted thinking"...How is THIS, for an example?

"I basically got high and drunk from the age of 19 to the age of 52, which I did while waiting to be able to transition." ~Steph

Stephanie said...

@ Anne

Thank you so much for your enlightening comments. I needn't bait you anymore since I had you on the hook since the beginning of Liz's post. I knew from the start what I would get back from you that's why I poked you. The rest of the group joining in was just icing on the cake. You lapsed into attack mode, something you do when someone doesn't agree with you, and you didn't contribute anything constructive to the conversation thereafter. You attacked everyone, name calling made you look so petty. As Deena said to me. It would be better if you used your vast experience as a woman to help others who are contemplating transition.

Thanks for playing the game.

And before you respond, Google 'Penile Inversion' and see what you get. I don't argue with the wisdom of doctors.

Anne said...

You know steph, I really do feel bad pointing this out but I guess you just keep asking for it, so i will obige you.

In adddition to admitting that you are a jealous, envious and hateful whinner, you have now admitted to intentionally provoking women who have successfully suffered through transition.

Just so you are clear, this is NOT a game. You self-centered, STUPID, F**K! Oh do I sound angry or purturbed? NOT! Wrong again Boy Blunder.

Stephanie said...

I feel it is a game. If I wouldn't be making you angry it would be easy for you to walk away. (My wife just said that using the word F**k does not a lady make) Yes my wife has been following this and she is laughing just as hard as I have been. I have to say, the past few days have been the most fun on Blogger I've had in the 4 years I've been here. Thanks for the laughs. If it isn't a game it should be.

Anne said...

Yeah Stef...."just a game". You are disgusting, as well as pitiful.

You are what give "trannies" a bad name.

Deena said...

Stephanie I don't know many lesbians. Does your "wife" have her own blog?

Stephanie said...

No Deena, no blogger page. But she has a Facebook account. .........@...Pat Flettshock

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