Friday, December 4, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Well, if that's true, y'all should really love me! I've been away from here for 22days now, a new record. I've been away trying to get my will to survive back to surviving. What I'm doing doesn't seem to be working very well, I'm depressed as ever. Falling apart is much easier to do than building back.

Patty Lou's doctor visit was Wednesday. I drove the 2 hundred mile round trip in a cold driving rain. Truckers were passing me at 70 mph like I was standing still. By the time I got home I was a bundle of frayed nerves. The doctor told her she could put a shoe on her foot and start walking again. She's trying, but after having a cast on it for 14 weeks, and then a stiff boot on it for 6 weeks, it doesn't want to function very well. She's due to go back to work in 9 days so she's pushing it hard. I hate seeing the pain on her face.

So, Patty Lou's OK, I'm OK, and the dog is doing great. I'm going to try and be here a little more often and catch up on all your blogs. Bye for now.



caroline said...

Missed you luv. 200 miles?!

Caroline XXX

Lori D said...

Missed ya. Glad you're hanging in there. Depression sucks.

Melissa said...

Stephanie! What coincidence! I was just thinking about you today, and wondering if I should send you an email to see if everything was OK. Good to hear from you again!

Melissa XX

chrissie said...

Jeez! 200 Miles? That's a hike!

And I have the nerve to whinge about having to travel 80. :-)

Anyway, glad you're OK.

Yes, it does take longer to pull
oneself back up. But I guess as long as your mind is on doing that, you'll work it out, honey..

Hugs and best wishes to you and Patty Lou... and your little dog, too!


Amy K. said...

Hey, I missed you. Honestly, just a few hours ago, I was checking your blog to make sure I hadn't missed any posts. You must've posted this an hour or two later!

I hope you feel better soon. Depression just saps the will right out. No wonder you haven't been blogging. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Whatever has interested you and you've just never gotten around to trying, try it. Your mind will get distracted for a bit, and you'll have something to blog about as well. I hate the phrase "killing two birds with one stone," but the meaning behind it is what counts. :)

caroline said...

Girl you must have put a curse on me! Now I have a 200 mile round trip for an appointment! Usually ten.

Take satisfaction from my suffering if it will help.

Caroline XXX

Calie said...

Been thinking about you, Steph. I was actually going to write you a private email last night but then read this. I'm glad you are OK.

Calie xxx

caroline said...

Stephanie, you slipped up there luv, loads of us were on the point of sending you emails. Leave it 23 days next time!

Caroline XXX

lisalisa said...

I can relate completeley.
I hope you feel better soon.

alan said...

I'm glad you are OK along with your beloved and your dog!

Did they give her any kind of therapy exercises to ease back into all of this? If not you might be able to Google something up, just to make it a bit easier on her!

Pass along a hug and please collect one for yourself?


Shauna said...

Missed you hun, hope all is well.

Calie said...

Been over a month, Steph. I am worried about you. You did not return an email I sent you a couple of weeks ago.

Please let us know you are OK.

Calie xxx

Gillian said...

Stephanie? Are you still there?

zilla said...

I never thought I would be saying this to anyone, but I recommend acupuncture. For both your depression, and your pup. Hang in there!