Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas is not my favorite time of year. During those early years of my life when Christmas only meant a time to receive toys, I was always disappointed. We were among the poorest of families and there was never a time that there was a great bulk of toys under the tree for us kids. And then what I did get was something a boy would get, a truck, a tractor. The Christmas that stays in my mind the most is the one where I got almost nothing. The one when I was about seven or eight when I got a rubber ball from my parents and a coloring book and fruit from the church. That one seems to have sucked all of the good feelings out of every Christmas after. At least I don't remember anything about the ones that followed. I wish I knew why I can only remember the worst one.

And now Christmas is about who can sell you the most stuff... Sale, sale, sale!
It all just sucks!

So forgive me if I say I'd rather Christmas not even come. I guess I'm the epitome of Scrooge himself.....Bah-Humbug



Caroline said...

Born into a bombed out city with rationing still in force and a father who lost a leg in the war trying to build himself a single story home using many materials from the bombed out buildings. Christmases were not too thrilling and as you say who wanted those presents anyway!

I love your tree! I dug one out of the garden. All our money is going on heating and there are no presents this year and card list has been halved.

Friends will be feeding us if we can find a way to get out on the icy roads. If we don't manage I have had grilled cheese on toast for christmas dinner before now!

I know, imagine being able to grill the cheese! Weak joke!

Christmas madness will soon be behind us and the daylight lengthening once again and a new year ahead to surprise us.

Wish you both well, Caroline XXX

Calie said...

Hi Steph,

I, too, love the tree!

I grew up in a lower middle class family, so we had presents under the tree every year except one. In that one year, my father was very sick and nearly died. We had absolutely no money due to the medical bills. I think I got one token present from my parents that year. I remember no tree and a big hospital bed with my father in it, in the living room.

Christmas, though, as we grow up becomes more about family and love than presents. And, if you are a Christian, than it has religious meanings.

All of us in this time of year should be thankful for our health and the wonderful loved ones who have stuck by us, no matter what. That is a gift and, perhaps, the most important gift of all, even though you can't put it under the tree.

Nice to hear from you, Stephanie.

@Caroline - I loved your comment.

Calie xxx