Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Airport security.

I heard a report yesterday that said
for every 1 million people that either
go through a scanner or go through
the pat down process at the major airports
there are only 700 complaints. 700!!!

The media has blown this all out of proportion.
As for the 700, ...let them take the bus!

Meanwhile...Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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Melissa said...

Hi Stephanie! I hope you are all healed up from your fall from your roof.

I wouldn't mind going through a body scanner, as long as I was sure it was safe. I'm not so sure the X-Ray type they are using here in the US is such a safe thing, especially for frequent flyers, or people who have already had a lot of medical X-Rays. I also dont have any confidence that they will be well maintained, so that they aren't blasting everyone around with X-Rays. I've heard that in Europe, they don't use X-Ray scanners, they use a radio wave scanner instead. But I would probably submit to the scanner before I'd let some stranger grope me. In some of the news footage I saw, they were putting there hands in places that a I would only let a doctor or nurse touch.

I hope you and Patty Lou have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa XX