Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is just a follow-up on my last post. I had promised that I'd get my appointment to see a therapist, and I went through with it. I see her on the 15th. I just hope this therapist has some knowledge about transsexuals. I usually find myself being the one to teach them the basics and then get annoyed that they don't know as much as me and I stop seeing them. This should be about the tenth one I've seen. Out of those, one was good. We'll see how this goes.

And... I have a bone density test Tuesday so the doc can better understand what's going on with my back pain. It's a disc but I'll humor them along until they come to that conclusion on their own. Besides, I've lost over 2 inches in height somewhere so maybe that will help find out where it went.


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Amy K. said...

"This is your reminder. Your appointment is tomorrow, Friday, April 15th. Please call the office if there is a problem with keeping this appointment."

Ha ha! Be sure to let us know how it went. And good luck with this one!