Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm still standing

I haven't written anything since the end of Feb. Writing seems so hard these days. Since I'm a stay at home housewife there isn't much to write about. Add to that the hand full of depression drugs I'm on causing my mind to be a big mushy blob and, well, you get the drift.
Since I wrote last, I've had a follow-up Drs. appointment. All my tests came back alright. Liver, kidneys, heart, cholesterol, everything is running in the normal range. Funny, I don't feel normal. I still haven't made an appointment with therapist yet. I've been putting it off, procrastinating. (I'm real good at that.) This week I'll get one.(I promise!) I've been having problems with my back again. I may have a blown disc, or at least a bulging one. The Dr. put me on a muscle relaxant which means I'm even more zonked than I was. He said we'd go from there then do tests if it didn't do any good. I also went back to sleeping in my bed instead of on the couch. I've been on the couch since the first signs of depression setting in. I didn't want to be in my bedroom because it's an ultra-feminine room with pink everywhere. I just didn't feel "pink" then.
Let's see. We got a different car, one that I feel safe being in. The old Jimmy's front end was about to drop out of it. We still have it but it stays parked. Now it's an emergency car. Living out in the country, you have to keep a spare for those "just in case" times.
And. Somehow we turned our 30 pound lap dog into a 50 pound "mash your lap" dog. He needs a diet just like I do!
Over on Facebook I've connected with some friends from 'way back in the day', school friends. It's good to see that they made it through their crazy, "party 'till you drop" days. Some didn't.
Patty Lou's doing great. She has a page over on Facebook too. Drop by and say Hi.

That's it for now.


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Melissa said...

Nice to hear from you again Stephanie. I hope you had a nice birthday! Good to see that you are back in your bedroom again. That HAS to be a sign that you are getting back to your old self. Glad to her that Patty Lou is doing OK, and that your pooch is fat and happy! :)

Melissa XX