Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Re: Trans on Trans Bickering

To the moderators of T-Central

When I was asked to vote on what to do with unruly bloggers, I wondered why I couldn't be the one to censor those blogs.

After the latest round of BS that I've read these last few days I've changed my mind. (A girl has that right to do that, doesn't she?lol)

I'm one to give everyone a second, third, even a fourth chance to control their belligerent attacks aimed at others here at T-Central. But it seems I've run out of patience and they've run out of chances.

Since they can't become civilized, respectful people, KICK THEIR BUTT TO THE CURB!



Anne said...

Nice Post STEPH. I like how it highlights just how "accepting and inclusive" you are in dealing with those with DIFFERENT ideas and points of view.

Why it almosts reminds me of those "closed minded, ignorant BIGOTS" in the
"mainstream" that are "victimizing" you poor pitiful cross-dressers.....NOT!

Stephanie said...

Anne dear, the "close minded, ignorant bigot" is you! You place yourself above everyone else. If someone is not the same as you, you place them in a sub category.

As for me being a cross-dresser, you'll have to argue that with my many different therapists that have told me I'm transsexual since I was 14yrs old.

As for me being "accepting and inclusive". I tried Anne. I even told the moderators at T-Central that I would rather be the one to censor what I wanted to leaving you to post at T-Central and not banishing you to a lower position in the blog role. But after repetitive "ugly" posts and comments from you I see you will never show any respect to your fellow bloggers.

Like Lori, I wonder if you are who and what you say you are. I've seen no proof of your status.


Calie said...

@Anne - You crossed over the line on this one. Have you read every post that this girl has written? Are you aware of her personal situation and her inability to afford the correction surgery she so needs? Are you aware of the severe depression this girl had to deal with for months after she lost her job and could no longer afford HRT? Do your homework.

You two can throw stones at each other, but calling Steph a CD is totally out of line and pretty darn nasty in my book.

Lori D said...

Calling my wonderful friend more names just bakes I it more personal for me Anne you phony.

You think I'll let it go, you're mad, you've got another thing coming. - Judas Priest

Lori D said...

Stupid auto correct. The word "bakes" should be " makes."

Stephanie said...

Anne, I clicked over to your "who I am" link. I suggest you read the 13th post there, one that you wrote, and take it to heart. Or were those just words you thought we'd like to hear?

Calie, Lori ...Your both beautiful girls. I'd like to get us together so I could give you both a big hug. Right after I'd have a happy cry. Love ya!


Ps.. just an update.... I have a therapist appointment on the tenth. I intend to go dressed, the first time out since my breakdown, and then full time after that.

Lori D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lori D said...


I know this has been such a crappy couple of years for you. I'm truly happy for you that you've got a new therapist appointment and you've got a plan for the future. I'm so proud of you for conquering those trials and keeping your head held high.

I'd love to give you a big hug and a happy cry too. Stay strong, sister!

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