Friday, October 24, 2008


Yeah! It's Friday! I'm off work for the next two days, and it couldn't come any sooner. I've been having to do a lot of extra cleaning at work, dusting tops of things, vacuuming corners and under desks, doing things that don't get much attention. It's satisfying to know it's done, but it's also a physical workout for an 'ol girl like me. You want to get in shape? Come walk the 5 or so miles I walk, and then the bending and toteing I do every night. You'd think I would lose weight, but I guess my body is used to it, well, other than the extra stuff. Extra moves parts that usually don't get used, and they are hurting! Oh well, I've two days of recovery time before it starts all over again.
I had a laugh at work last night. The two older ladies (60's) in accounting were talking about a meeting they attended. One of them was describing the others that were there as 'strange', all gussied up with long nails, lot's of make-up, hair piled high. I peeked around the corner and asked. "Karen, stranger than me?" "You should be used to strange by now!" They may have peed their panties laughing! You gotta have fun with this tranny thing. It keeps people at eas with you.

I haven't written much about Patty Lou lately, probably because she's been doing great with her diabeties. I guess they finally have her meds at the proper levels so there's been no more seizures or passing out. I still worry every time I know she's on the road driving. She checks her blood sugar level every time she gets behind the wheel, and it's too costly for me to drive her everywhere, so I'll just have to worry until we can move into town closer to work. 3yrs to wait, then I can sell this place. Maybe the housing mess will be better by then. I hope.

I take a bathroom break and overflow the toilet. Just what I want to do on my day away from cleaning toilets, clean a toilet! Jees...


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