Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Think positive...

I guess we all do it at some time, we try not to , but it still happens. We meet someone, and even people that we have known for awhile, and assign a 'can and can't do' profile to them. I get this alot now, and I don't like it. People look at me as if I'm telling lies when I say I could build them a house, overhaul an engine, or weld them a bridge over their pond. I guess they assume I'm using brain matter for the construction of my boobs! Not the case, although I have been told that I'm getting really ditzy lately! Hmmm.... Anyhow ...You would think that I wouldn't judge people because of this, but I do, shame on me. ...I have an apology I will make to two of the ladies (60yr olds) that work in accounting when I see them at work tonight. I was finished with the office cleaning last Thursday, except their cubical since they always work late, and when I look down the long hallway I see them sitting on the floor. I thought they were going through some papers, but when I got closer, I see they were reading the instructions for the assembly of a two drawer filing cabinet, screwdrivers, small wrenches, and parts all layed out. While another woman was taking pics on her cell phone, I joked with them about them going to have parts left over and probably a migrane before they would give up, go home, and attack this undertaking again tomorrow. I told them I would come back in about an hour after the plant cleaning and help if they needed it. I thought they would. Well, when I went back the lights were off, the cabinet was together, and I felt like a fool. And I'm going to tell them just that when I see them tonight. I have found, and told people, that there is nothing that I can't do, and if I would have a problem, I'm smart enough to get help in solving it. I should think that of the rest of the people in this world too, stopping my negativity. ...Think positive!


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