Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just So You Know

So today I finally got up on the roof and fixed the leak that had appeared between the add on part of my house and the main part. It's only been leaking for about 10 months, but since I'm on all kinds of drugs to control my depression, I haven't wanted to get up there for fear of falling off. I've gotten used to them so I went up there and fixed it. No problems.
But.....Isn't there always a but!
My carports were in need of being swept off so I crossed over the peek of the house with the broom in my hand. I was struggling to maintain my balance by the time I got to the bottom of the house part and needed to put my left foot down to keep upright. The problem is when I did this I put it right through the fiberglass panels of my skylight and went crashing down through to the ground below, about a 12' drop. OUCH!...I landed on an ice chest with my left shoulder, which is skinned raw and hurts like hell. After that I bounced off the chest and landed on the back of my head. (good thing it's hard!) Patty Lou came around from the side of the house, saw me laying there and thought I was dead! Not quite, but OUCH again! It doesn't help either that I've gained almost 40 pounds since I've been on these drugs.
So, just so you know, transsexuals may be a bit different from your "normal" run of the mill people, but we can't fly and we still bounce the same as everyone else!
Just so you know!



Angel said...
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Melissa said...

OUCH is right! Stephanie, you're lucky to be alive! Thank goodness you still have strong bones. Get well soon, sweetie........and be more careful! We don't want to lose you!

Melissa XX

LeAnne said...

Oh, my god!
I could feel the pain just reading that!

I just had a thought. Being nearly holloween, and you had a broom in your hand. Perhaps you could have summoned the powers like Harry Potter and flown over to where you needed to be!

It's nice to hear that you can 'bounce' back from your mishap though!

Amy K. said...

Ouch, hun! I'm glad you're okay... mostly. Please double check with a doctor for any internal problems or concussion. With a bad spill like that, you could have some damage that you can't see or even feel with any certainty!

Leslie Ann said...

Ooo, that's gotta hurt! And now you have an even bigger leak to fix. I'm with Amy, see a doctor just in case. And take it easy, for heaven's sake!

Caroline said...

Well you did bounce and the pain will distract you from any other troubles!

No need to go to these lengths to have something to post about. Having put on that weight, now that's got to hurt. I know having stopped being so active since Julie retired.

I have started to walk a lot more which is also great for clearing my head. Hope you recover quickly. Not a good reward for getting up the enthusiasm to get some repairs done!

Caroline xxx

Calie said...

Be careful, Steph, and do take care of yourself. I'm glad you were not seriously hurt and you still have your sense of humor.

Calie xxx

Anonymous said...


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