Saturday, January 1, 2011


Usually I don't make New Years resolutions because it's too easy to break them. Unrealistic goals, lack of willpower, whatever the reason, they get broken soon after making them. It's said that most resolutions are broken within the first two weeks of making them. That would be true for me.

This year will be different.(I hear ya! Oh ye of little faith!) This year will be different because my only resolution is, "Have a better year than last year"!

A lot of people make that same statement. If they've had a good year they make it in hopes that the next year will be even better. Their chances aren't as good as those who've had a bad year. Two good years in a row I'd say is about a 50/50 chance in happening. The worse year you have the chances greatly improve.

I've just had the worst year of my life. Mild depression, followed by severe depression causing me to de-transition. A trial and error period with three different groups of drug therapy. Finally one brought me out of the severe depression but has left me sad all the time. I'm still trying to find "Stephanie", lost somewhere along the way. If you see her send her home.

A better year? I'm not certain of one, but the chances are good.



Caroline said...

There are a lot of people out here who are hoping you can find Stephanie and are willing her home.

Take small steps and climb relentlessly out of that hole to where we can see you again. A resolution you can almost guarantee, that's what we here call canny!

Wishing you best of luck.

Caroline xxx

Calie said...

I'm routing for you, Steph, as will all of your many friends.

Happy New (and better) Year


Common Teri said...

Hope this new year is much better for you.

Melissa said...

You are still Stephanie to me, and always will be. I'm sure that all of your friends here feel the same way. I'm just so glad that you are blogging and commenting again. I was afraid we had lost you forever. That would truly have been a tragedy, because you are loved by so many here! Hang in there girl. I know you'll find Stephanie again. She didn't leave you. She just got scared, and found some place to hide until she feels safe to come out again.

Big hug!
Melissa XOXO