Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow #2

Here's my winter wonderland. The weatherman said we would get four inches but we have 6 inches this morning. Par for the weather man.

Please overlook the junk car. Of course it's mandatory that every house in Arkansas has to have at least one in the yard!



Caroline said...

That has to be more cheery than dull damp and dreary.

Only one wreck, my childhood was spent surrounded by broken cars, some even got repaired.

Hope it does not last long enough to become a nuisance. Someone has suggested building "snowgirls".

Caroline xxx

Melissa said...

You are lucky you didn't get any more than 6 inches. Those pine trees have a bad habit of snapping in half when they get weighted down. I lost three last year to heavy snow.

A car is not classified as junk, until its jacked up on cinder blocks! Until then, it's just temporarily disabled. ;-)

My turn for snow comes tonight and tomorrow. 2-4 inches is the prediction. We'll see.

Did you build a snowgirl?

Melissa XX

Calie said...

I wouldn't have even noticed the car if you hadn't brought it up, Steph!

@Melissa - ROTFL!!!! (your comment about the car)

Calie xxx