Sunday, May 3, 2009

Something to write about, ...

...although, I don't have anything worth writing about, but I have a need to, therapeutically speaking, so here goes. My need? I write, (usually dribble like this) you read, maybe send a comment, by that I'm assured there is someone out there like me. It's a belonging thing, something I'm part of, and not excluded because of who I am.
That sarcastic me of yesteryear, featuring that "who cares" attitude, has returned for some time now. It worries me that it feels so much like before transition, I thought I was passed that. It eased up, nearly disappeared, when the hormones kicked in years ago. I'd feel it when I'd have to cut back on dosage, but I haven't had to in over a year. I don't know why it's come back. I sure don't like it.
"Nate" gets to go to the Doggie Dude Ranch for a grooming Thursday, his first time. That should be fun! He's getting about half of the 4" of hair cut off for the coming summer. He's already been panting, well, (wait for it!) LIKE A DOG! lol ....Hey, I'm tryin' to cheer me up here!
Work today was fun. Someone "borrowed" the keys from us that opens all the office doors and didn't put them back. Fortunately, the directer of sales came in to gather some papers and let us use his key to open everything. I left this note for the "borrower" when he brings them back.
..."Leave your name to receive your Public Flogging, the punishment for not returning my keys!"
He may think that's funny, but wait 'til he sees my flogging uniform!
OK, see, I warned ya. Just dribble...


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chrissie said...

Sounds fine to me, pet!!