Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm getting here about 1 1/2 hours later tonight. I told my daughter I needed to make more money. She gave me more work. That really wasn't what I had in mind! Oh well, I'll be gettin' about 6 hours more a week, 24 a month. That will cover the taxes they take out every month.

And while we're in the money department... I jokingly told Patty Lou Saturday that I should just put my whole monthly check (it was payday) on a long shot in the Kentucky Derby. If I would have picked the one that DID win, I would have won about $60,000! ...sigh wasn't meant to be. (I don't gamble anyway, too hard to earn it)

I've already decided that my Dear Diary blog will be renamed, to what I don't know yet. Maybe, 'Stephanie, Yesterday'? I don't know. I know I'm just not happy with Dear Diary. Suggestions?

Tonight's pic... I must be getting better with my camera. I only deleted one pic tonight before I got the one at the top of here. (The first one the flash washed everything out) I like the lighting at that coffee station, it's weird florescent tubes. I'm not suppose to have a camera or a cell phone cam in the plant. ...Uh huh ...That's why you've seen the bathrooms so much! lol

Ok, it's bedtime. I've got a busy day tomorrow, it's tire buying time. Since my favorite tire guy figured out the last time that I was trans, I don't think he'll be putting his arm around me and telling me to, "Come on in here little lady and let's see what kind of tires I've got on sale." About ten minutes after he said that, I saw his face go pale and he got real quiet. Serves him right. He needed a lesson on how to treat a lady!



chrissie said...

Gosh, what a looker!

And don't you just love mechanics?


alan said...

Being your tire guy wouldn't bother me, his loss! Or your mechanic, although you might not want my arm around you...

(Sears was really good to me when I put the last set on my wife's car 6 weeks ago or so, about $200 off altogether with a warranty good anywhere.)

I so wish I could take a picture of me I like- you have a knack!

I used to hear people at work talk about "going to the boat" after work and dropping $800 like it was nothing; me I drove an $800 Chrysler I bought for 9 years. If I "flushed" that much I'd have had to jump in the moat on my way out of the Argosy or Harrah's!

As you say, much too hard to earn...