Monday, November 17, 2008

Add, a pinch of joy...

In this recipe for this transgendered life of mine, most of the ingredients are the same basic things found in everyone's life. I work, I play, I sleep and do it again the next day. The flour of the cake, so to speak. Mixed in with that flour there are good, sweet, and bad, bitter, ingredients. Bitter, like in last nights post, when the feeling of being all alone becomes, what seems like at the time, too much to bear. And sweet, when I heard my daughter on the phone yesterday include me as, 'one of the cleaning ladies', the first time I ever heard her do that. This good and bad is what makes this cake of life, and all I need to do is to add some frosting to it, maybe decorate it somewhat. Plain cake is alright, but frosted and decorated will make it taste sooo much better.


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alan said...

May it soon all have frosting!