Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My sister Joyce...

I have been walking around today with the biggest grin on my face that's been there in quite awhile. I got an email from my sister, Joyce, that said she had read my blog here at Blogger. I sent her and my younger sister the address a few weeks back with a 'just in case you want to read it' thought in mind. I didn't think they would, since I had sent them my y360 addy when I first started writing, but I guess they never went there to read it. There is a lot of dribble there with a few meaningful blogs mixed in. I'm pretty sure they would have commented on some of it. ...Anyhow, today I know for sure. She made reference to the good Dr that felt me up, and along with some memories and talking about our mother, well, it just made my day, especially when the letter started off with,'Hi Sis'. Weather she believes in how I feel or not, her trying to understand me means the world to me. We were inseparable when we were growing up, since we had no neighbors, and like any brother, I protected her and she looked up to me. She ran amuck and got married at an early age (14), and I ran amuck with drugs and alcohol. Starting our own families, we drifted apart, our family not big on showing affection or keeping in touch. With her wanting to get to know me now as her sister, well, I'm sure you understand how that makes me feel.
...So, tomorrow the daughters, their husbands, and my grand kids won't be coming to Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be sad about that, but I'm also going to be thankful that I have a sister that loves me and who wants to know me better, as her sister. ..Love ya, sis
(I'm pretty sure Glenna, my other sister does too, I just haven't heard from her in awhile.)


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Shauna Baggtt said...

The best feeling in the whole world was when my little sister who is all grown up and I went shopping together, she has always backed me on my transition but we never shopped together. I am letting you know, I do know what you are feeling because I too am feeling it.

Kisses Stephanie