Monday, November 3, 2008

The going's on...

Do ya know what? Me neither ....but five days without writing something and I feel that I have to sneak in the back door and at least say hello. ...Let's see ...I went to the "every boy who ever wanted to wear a dress party" at the local gay bar Friday. Most of the new girls looked just, well, a mess. There were a few who looked like they could live the rest of their life as female, (I'm so envious!) looks, body movements, demeanor, everything as if they were female all their life. One especially caught my eye, I have a thing for pretty crossdressers, (another story) and she was just beautiful. Anyway ..I'd never seen her before, she was walking around from table to table as though she were lost, so I thought I'd be the one to try and make her feel welcome. (and maybe!) I go over to her, and try and talk to her. She's deaf. This has happened at least a half a dozen times before and each time I get so mad at myself for not taking the time to learn at least enough sign language so I can communicate, well, it just pisses me off. I swear I am going to do this, no more putting it off! Anyway ..we text'd each other, I'm not very good at it, and did get to meet each other. She's straight and didn't want to, ahem! we danced, hugged, and parted. She said she'd come back sometime, but I doubt I'll ever see her again. Halloween, and a lot of alcohol, makes people brave.
Saturday there was a benefit show for the Gay Pride festivities next June, so me and Patty Lou went to that. Everyone was partied out from the night before, so it was a little boring. We gave our money and went home early. A good thing that we did, 'cause I didn't sleep well, even with the extra hour, and had to work yesterday. This 'ol girl can't party like she used to! I was dragging all day. Ten hours of sleep helped for today's meeting of the world!
Today is my usual 'tweez the hairs day', an hour of pulling what pops out on my face. I don't shave, (a very un-feminine necessary) on Sunday since there is no one at work to see me anyway. Not that you can see anything, but I know they are there. The tweezing keeps the more aggressive ones at bay for a week, so with light shaving I'm smooth for the week. Hormones have helped this a lot.
So, in everything else, this girls life is going surprisingly, scarily, great. I don't think near as much as I used to about that meteorite smashing me!


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Shauna Baggtt said...

I have been to outings where there were cross dressers, all of whom couldn't pass but it is their time and it is nice being there.

I am different, I am a girl somewhat I know, I know, we are all girls but I am a partial woman and not a CD since I am out and dress as a woman for the last 35 years. Male exterior somewhat actually female LOL. I wish sometimes there were more a younger crowd of CD's but if they are out there I haven't seen them.
It was nice of you trying to help her feel comfortable.