Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, my sister Joyce's email yesterday was lacking in one little piece of knowledge that she had. She knew that my little sister Glenna was in Hot Springs and was going to be seeing me this afternoon! (Sneaky Sisters!) I'm on cloud nine! She'll be here 'til Sunday, so we've made plans to go out Sat night. I'm going to party with my sister!!! OK, I'm a little giddy, a lot giddy! Unless you know how, like the generation of family before us, we barely hear from each other, let alone see each other, you really can't understand how this makes me feel. ...This is WAY COOL!
...Now, I want to point out something, for there is lesson that can be learned for all of us, me too, I'm paying attention. ...Those of you who follow my blog have seen me go from bitching about my daughters not showing up for Thanksgiving dinner, me all down and out, to me having one of the best Thanksgiving days ever, which really started with yesterday. Down and out to elation. That's how life works. So when someone tells you that things will get better, believe them, they will. ......WAY COOL! I'M PARTYING WITH MY SISTER!!!
(someone please tell me why I can't get a picture to load here! Arrrrgh) wait, I did it!


Lori D said...

I read your last blog using my RSS reader on my cell phone. I was going to respond but now you've got this up...this is terrific babe!
My sister's support and acceptance of me has been one of my biggest encouragements, and I'm glad the same is happening for you!

A sister's love is a special love indeed! No go party your asses off! LOL

Michelle said...

Hi Stephanie,
I'm so glad to hear the news. I'm SO GLAD for you hon. You are so right about how things will get better. At times in my life I wouldn't have believed it, but once I got the encouragement that I've gotten from my son, my son of all things. Like Lori, it gave me the encouragement that I needed. I know now, more than any other time in my life that I'm on the right track. So go out and party like animals. Ok, maybe not like animals, but ENJOY the time you have with your sister. I'm sure it will be SO special. Have fun girl.
Hugs Michelle

Gillian said...

Very simply and sweetly: I am overjoyed for you.

Stephanie said...

Hey girls, I'm so happy I could burst! Laugh lines are getting deeper as I write. I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving day, I sure did. I love you all. I love everyone today! Hugs, kisses, and yummy dreams...

Le visage d'avril said...

Oh what nice news! I am very happy for you.