Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Since I only know of one other transsexual in Hot Springs, there will be no gathering for the TDOR here. And since the only place that I'll be going tomorrow will be to work, where everyone knows that I'm a transsexual, I've decided that I will be wearing a black arm band. That way when people ask me what it is for I can tell them about the many who have given their life, either by the hand of someone else or their own. There may be a mention of this day on the local news, maybe not, but seeing me and talking to me will be of much greater impact to the ones that know me. There are about 300 people in this plant, and maybe 20 that I will interact with, I hope the word spreads, but at least I will feel that I have contributed my small part in this special day.



Renee said...

That's a fantastic idea. Perhaps I'll do the same at work today.

Shauna Baggtt said...

Every year a ghost comes around to remind me how lucky I was that one night in October.
I do care about all who parish and the sadness that goes with knowing. I will one day not hurt as much when this day of remembrance comes along.