Thursday, November 20, 2008

Black armband...

I was all set to blast the human race with tonight's blog, my faith in it was pretty dismal when I got home. Patty Lou calmed me down some, and then I read some inspiring blogs. I realized that you people who inspired me are part of this group, and I certainly didn't want to include you. So this will only be about the ones I saw at work tonight, a small piece of My world.
...I made myself a black armband today, cut it out of an old headband and sewed the ends together. I even gave thought to what I would say when I was asked why I was wearing it, something short, but to the point, let them get back to work. There were even more people working late than I had anticipated, maybe 40 or so. I was full of hope, I might make a tiny difference. ................Not one person asked one....and in fact I would say they avoided me. Apparently, they are afraid of what a transgendered cleaning lady wearing a black armband will say if they ask her why she's wearing it. The answer could, well, God only knows what she'll say. .....I was hurt, mad, maybe I expected too much. After grumbling about it at Patty Lou when I got home, she put it in perspective for me, "Oh well, you know why you wore it, that's all that counts." .........and it is.


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Gillian said...

You realize, of course, that whenever you do your job well, whenever you hold a friendly conversation with someone who is working late, whenever you help someone, whenever, in short, any person is exposed to you, you are doing more for those who have gone before and for those that are still here than any armband could have done. Continue to be the good person you are, and you will put a human face to those lists of names.

On a more personal note: You have no idea how much I respect you and the rest of my transitioned and transitioning sisters. And any of your co-workers who has half a brain will recognize your courage and heart.