Monday, February 23, 2009

Danger in the shadows...

Triumph Industries, (work) is located right in the middle of Hot Springs, with five buildings on secondary streets, and three buildings, including the big main one, right on Central Ave. There are motion detector cameras everywhere, with signs saying that they are there, and yet a male worker was mugged right in front of the plant. I now have an escort to walk me out at night when my work is done. In my pre-transition days, I never would have thought anything about this, no fear, but now I feel so vulnerable, so helpless. I never realized that women felt like this, afraid that someone will jump out of the shadows and rob or assault them. Growing up, they must get used to this fear, how I don't know. We as transitioning women say we want all the joys of womanhood, but we forget that there are somethings about being a woman that isn't so much fun. Being afraid when in public is one of them.


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