Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm good, and the bad.

The Drs. words were, "..., just keep on keeping on." Now that's good to hear from your Dr. My calcium level has gone down to normal (fewer Tums) and my phosphorous level is normal. Since the free clinic can't authorize hormone level tests, (too costly) my Dr. is skirting around the rules and checking everything else that my HRT might affect. I've had blood drawn 3 times in the last 6 months and tested for various things. He's a good guy. Yesterdays breast exam was the highlight of my day!

And of course, if you have a highlight, you almost assuredly are going to have a low one. ...I went to the courthouse, they don't have forms for a name change, so they sent me to the law library to look at a petition for a name change. The lady asked if this would be the first legal paper I'd filled out, "Yes". She didn't want to discourage me, but, " ... the Judge hasn't granted any one's petition if it wasn't filled out by a lawyer". Oh please, by all means don't discourage me! ...Oh well, I have a friend that works for a lawyer that told me it would cost about $500 if her boss did it. Guess I'll sell blood, ...or something!

And the dog doesn't want to stay out of our beds! ...Arrrrgh!


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