Saturday, February 28, 2009


'Steven' used to like Sundays, although most Sundays in his life he was so hung over that he couldn't crawl out of bed. Sunday was a day of recovery, err, rest. A do nothin' day.
...Now it's the first day of my work week, and a boring day at that. My daughter works with me, so I have someone to jabber to, but most times that's the only person I see all day since the plant is closed. That's why I don't like working on Sundays, there's no one there...

'Steven' would have loved it by himself, no one to bring the anxiety and stress that being around people gave him. Left alone, he worked best by himself. 'Stephanie' works best by herself too, but she craves attention, to be seen, to be part of. Strange how the two of them are so different.

...I hate working Sundays


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