Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fragmented explosions of thought...

I haven't posted anything of importance in awhile, not that I haven't tried. I've sat here every night this past week and written something, only to become frustrated with not being able to get my thoughts across clearly, so I'd delete it, give you a dribble blog, and go to bed saying 'tomorrow'. Actually, the last several blogs that I have posted I feel I haven't worded right to get the point that is in my head out in written form. I think I have figured out why my head is such a jumbled up mess of thoughts lately. Due to me screwing up my order for my meds, I had to cut back on my spiro for three weeks with the last week me being completely off of it. I'm getting that same feeling of confusion that I had before I started HRT. I start writing and three sentences later my train of thought is lost. I'm still on my estrogen, otherwise there would probably be outbursts of aggression along with the confusion.
I'll post this, by now you can see how choppy my thought process is. Anyone who is thinking that starting HRT is just to grows breasts, think again. It does much more.



NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

you're very right about HRT stephanie...may you find your blogging muse soon...x

Calie said...

Stephanie, I think a lot of bloggers, including me, feel that they must post regularly. What I look for in T-Blogs are the "from-the-heart" posts that we all do from time to time. These posts remind me that I am not alone and I have something in common with the author. Reading your thoughts, and those from others, is one form of therapy for me. I guess what I am trying to say is not to feel that you "owe" your readers a post.

What does concern me, however, is when a blogger has not posted for a long time. I connect with T-Bloggers because we all have this "thing" in common and we can all get very down at times. So, I appreciate it when a blogger who is not in a writing mood does do the occasional post just to let us all know she is doing OK.

Good luck with the 'mones, sweetie! I am always confused and I'm not on 'em.

I love your blog and will keep coming back as long as you wish to keep sharing your thoughts with us.