Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girl friend ...

My relationship with most of the 'cubical' people at work, (mostly women) would be considered an acquaintance. I only see them when they work late, and then I come in to their area, say "Hi", grab their trash, and I'm off to the next one. Other then a cursory, "How are you?", I don't really interact much with them, sort of a don't ask, don't tell relationship. But there are a few that are genuinely interested in me and my life, and they pretty much know everything that you know, the stuff that I've written here. I know a little about their life also, and I make it a point to ask about them. Since I've never had a girl friend, I'm having to learn how to have one, and to be one. It's way different than being friends with males when I was pre-transition. But you girls know that. ...Anyhow...Jamie, I would have to consider, is my best girl friend. She has always called me Stephanie, or now Steph, has treated me like any other girl, and we have talked about everything. But yesterday when she told me she was going to be off for awhile to have a hysterectomy, it left me at a lose for words. I was so surprised that she felt she could tell me this, that I forgot how to be a friend and be supportive. A hug would have helped her, but I just stood there like a dunce. She will still work next week before her leave, so I have a chance to redeem myself, thank goodness. Maybe that initial shock I had of being accepted as her girl friend, one that she could tell this very important news to, will be over and I can be a real friend to her. It seemed to me that she really needs one. I hope I can be that friend.


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Anonymous said...

Girlfriends are the surprise of transitioning. In my former life I had my wife who remains a good friend (post divorce), but no other friends - just acquaintances. Since transitioning I have finally discovered what it is like to have and to be a best friend. And I have many other girlfriends. And they all know me and accept me fully.