Friday, October 9, 2009

Applying the lyrics

Although Ready for Love by Bad Company has nothing to do with being transgender, the main song lyrics are quite apropos.

Walkin' down this rocky road
wondering where my life is leading
Rollin' on to the bitter end
Finding out along the way
what it takes to keep love (on) living
You should know how it feels my friend


Now I'm on my feet again
Better things are bound to happen
All my dues surely must be paid
Many miles and many tears
Times were hard but now they're changing
You should know that I'm not afraid



Melissa said...

Loved Bad Company! Also loved Mott The Hoople, from which Mick Ralphs originally came from! Remember "Sweet Jane" and "All the Young Dudes"?

Melissa XX

Calie said...

The last verse says it all, Steph.

Calie xxx