Friday, October 23, 2009

faux pas

I took the dog to the groomers today. He has hair in his ears that has to be removed periodically otherwise it tickles him and he scratches until he has his ears raw. This was the first time I used this groomer so I had to give the girl all of the pertinent information, name, what kind of dog he is, my name. When she asked me my name, without thinking I said, "Steven Flettshock." As soon as it came out I wanted to snatch it out of mid air and say "Stephanie", but the dirty deed was already done. Jees ...How can I expect anyone to get it right if I can't even get it right? I need a good butt kickin'!



Melissa said...

OK Stephanie, bend over! Alright, here it comes.......BOOT! LOL!

Hey! Your dog and I have something in common. After 61 years of Mr."T", I too have to shave my ears! :-(

Melissa XX

Common Teri said...

Oops! I'm lucky because my male name was Terry and my female name is Teri. Hard to mess that up.

Melissa said...

@ Common Teri

Well...that's better than "terrier", right? Yap! Yap!

Melissa XX

caroline said...

I have just spent an age plucking hairs out of my ears! They sneak up on you, well me anyway, and hide behind other hair. Then one day you feel cranky and realise just what has been irritating in the background.

Oh the bliss of clear ears!

I have never managed to train my beloved to do this little treat, guess she knows how much it would mean to me!!!

Caroline xxx

Calie said...

Oh, Steph, I felt it just as I read it. I wish I could have grabbed it out of the air for you.

Calie xxx

Common Teri said...

@ Melissa, LOL! I've been called a bitch before. I've also owned two terriers. The best being and Airedale. :o)

chrissie said...

Good reason to keep it similar, I suppose...

I guess there was some kind of subconcious association going on there, that amde you revert to an old behaviour pattern....

or something.