Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ding! And the light bulb comes on.

I'm a little slow sometimes when it comes to figuring out what's going on when Patty Lou seems all out of sorts, but I catch on eventually. She's been a beast to live with today, mad one minute, crying the next. It finally dawned on me that she hasn't smoked a cigarette today. Duh! She's going through withdrawal. Our oldest daughter and a friend of Pats bought her a bunch of cigarettes for her birthday. She's smoked them up. She had said just before her birthday that she wasn't going to buy anymore. I guess she's trying hard to hold herself to that promise. If today was any indication on how that will work out, I doubt she'll be able to keep it. I do wish she would have told me this and not let me sit and wonder what had turned her into a crazy bitch from hell! Nate, our dog, would have liked to have known too. Even he's been catchin' hell from her! I hadn't thought of this before she went to bed, but I did ask her to please wake up in a better mood. Tomorrow I'll let her know what I see is the problem. Of course, I may catch hell for that too! I see this as a situation that won't get better for some time to come. I doubt it will be soon.



Melissa said...

Good for her, for trying to quit! It has to be hard on her to quit, after all these years. She is definitely going to need your support.

Melissa XX

Amy K. said...

Now I understand the comment you left on my blog about being in "deep waters!" I hope the bilge pump does it's job well and that everything is just fine ASAP! :)

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Make her some green tea. It helps with the withdrawls-as you know I've been there and let her have it out. Let her cry. Let her know it's okay. It passes. I know she's had some health issues but if you can get her to do something physical, she'll feel better. If all else fails, send her to me. I have a warm soft place for those who have the habit or are trying to kick it!

Calie said...

Steph - Let Nate deal with her! I have a feeling Patty Lou won't talk back to Nate. You just give her love and support.

Calie xxx