Thursday, October 22, 2009

The biggest lap dog you ever saw!

This critter, Nate, is suppose to be Patty Lou's dog. I got him for her for company when I was working evenings, but somehow he's become my dog. Oh, he still jumps up in her lap both mornings and evenings so she can brush his hair out, but other than that he's taken up with me, under my feet all the time or in my lap. Usually he's a great friend to have, but......

This picture was taken Wednesday when he wanted to be outside most of the sunny day. Today it rained almost all day and he didn't want to go out, not even when he had to pee so bad he was hurting. So about a half-a-dozen times he'd come to me whining that he wanted out and we'd go out in the rain get soaking wet only to come back in after not peeing. Needless to say, this stressed girl was ready to just leave him out in the rain until he did his duty, Patty Lou telling me I couldn't do that. Well, it finally stopped raining around 3pm, so he took his morning pee then. Ahhhh!

With the troubles I've had lately, he's a great friend to have around. A hug is always appreciated by him and it helps to relieve my stress. I think I need to put him on a diet though. A 35 pound lap dog jumping on you is painful!



Melissa said...

Do they make raincoats for dogs?

Melissa XX

Queers United said...

they dont make raincoats that i know of, but they make snuggies, although that dog would need a big ass snuggie

Anonymous said...

We have just bought a puppy, now 22 weeks old and she adds something significant to the whole family.
They become part of the family really quickly and we wouldnt be without her.
He looks like a wonderful dog.