Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doctors, doctors, and arguments

Yesterday I had my usual check up at the clinic. I let them know that I was off my hormones and the Spiro. I've been trying to talk them into prescribing them to me there, but it's been to no avail. I have an appointment with my therapist the 21st,(if she shows!) and it was said she may prescribe them then. I hope so. My anger and anxiety has reached the level of pre-transition. Not good.

Patty Lou had her cast removed and her ankle x-rayed today. But they still don't like how it's healing, so they put another cast on and gave her an appointment for the 4th of Nov. Another month! Her diabetes and her SMOKING! are the reasons she isn't healing very fast. We got into a screaming match a bit ago that left both of us crying. I was accused of helping too much! She's stressed, I'm stressed, we need space between us. I'll be at this end of the house the rest of the evening.

And to top things off, today I got laughed at by two young guys while I was waiting in line at Wal*Mart. This usually doesn't bother me, but the way things are right now ...well, it hurt today.

Oh, and the dog pooped on the floor over night! That's only the third time since we got him New Years Day. Why now? ...I guess he's stressed too!


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