Thursday, December 25, 2008

Home, Alone...

After 35yrs of having Christmas with at least some of my family coming home for Christmas, this year, Patty Lou and I were alone, all day. If I'd have known that me changing sexes would keep them away, .....I'd have done it sooner! lol
Oh, but really, Patty Lou and I had a great time today. We opened presents, had breakfast, made and ate the ham and German potato salad, (leftovers in freezer) I put on my makeup, we went for a ride, got two movies, The Women (laughed) & The Bucket List (cried) and just relaxed. It was a big change. Instead of craziness, there was calm. ...Old girls like us like calm! ...Thinking about it, everyone staying away because of me, might just turn out better than I first thought. It's about time the wife and I were able to do what we want instead of entertaining the family, which we were always glad when they left. Rowdy grand kids, the sons-in-law making me uneasy, daughters trying to one-up each other, who needs it? ...OMG! I'm bitchin' like some ol' granny! ...sigh
Oh well, I was always told to act my age, guess that's what I'm doin'! ...or that's my story anyway.



Angel said...
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Le visage d'avril said...

Sounds perfect!