Thursday, December 18, 2008

Public Relations...

No, I'm not talking about doin' IT in public, although, there was a time me, a crossdresser, and her niece went to the parking lot at Wal*Mart, and ....Oh, never mind. You wouldn't believe it anyway.
Besides, it's almost Christmas, I have to be nice.

...No, this is about some PR work I did just for me last night. Every year for Christmas, Patty Lou makes chocolate and peanut butter fudge to give to all of our friends and fellow workers. Well this year I asked her if she would make enough for me to take some to my work. We bagged up 40 little bags with five good sized pieces in it and I distributed them to all the people that have been both nice to me, and those that aren't quite enthused about me being around them. The fudge was a big hit. It brought a hug from the more friendly ones, and caused the ones that don't want to interact with me to at least say thank you, and some of those were down right chatty. I loved it! They are slowly finding out that this girl is a real person and not at all what they have had shone to them through television. I am not a Jerry Springer episode! Although..... I'm sure Jerry would have loved having a camera the night I was at Wal*Mart!


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