Thursday, December 11, 2008

How embarrassing!

Well, at my expense, I figure I'll give y'all a good laugh tonight...
...You know how you try your best to look good all the time. After all, you know that people are going to be scrutinizing you from head to toe, your THE tranny. Well, I knew I was going to have a busy day yesterday, meds had to be picked up, a trip to Wally World, pay a couple of bills. So I got an early start, put on my makeup, and was out the door. Busy, busy, busy, but home in time to make the Spanish Rice-a Roni with peppers and smoked sausage that Patty Lou wanted ready when she got home from work at 2:30 pm. I leave for work at 3:10, so there isn't much time to spare. Since I had already fixed makeup in the morning I just got in the car and off to work I went, met my daughter at 4pm, had the secondary buildings cleaned, and was back at the main building by 6:30pm. We split up once we get there with me doing the offices and her doing the plant. Well, after drinking water at nearly every fountain that I passed, I had to pee. So I go into the ladies room, do my business, and decided that since I hadn't checked my makeup all day I had better take a look. The makeup was fine, but what, what's this? OMG! THERE IS SPANISH RICE ON THE END OF MY NOSE!!! Patty Lou hadn't seen it, my daughter hadn't seen it, and all I could think of was who else could there be that might have seen it. Fortunately, nobody had gotten close enough to me to have seen it, but if it had been a Tue. or a Thurs. I would have been at the main building early enough for everyone to see. I called Patty Lou and she had a big laugh. She called my daughter so she could cackle about it. The people at Patty Lou's job got a laugh today, and now, y'all can giggle. ...sigh
....So girls, I learned a very, very important lesson. Before you leave the house, check your makeup. You can bet from now on, I always will!



Gillian said...

It's habitual for me - especially in the car. Partly it's to make sure I got it right at home since my bathroom light is miserable, and partly (I think) it's to make sure I'm still there.

Stephanie said...

It's obvious that I've gotten comfortable with this change, maybe a bit too comfortable!

Le visage d'avril said...

I have had a couple of similar events. When I get to work now I drop my stuff and my desk and run to the ladies room before setting in.

Gillian said...

You realize, of course, that this has nothing at all to do with being trans. It's about being an individual who wears makeup and is concerned about presenting in the most positive way. Just a thought.

jeffrey said...

Hi, Steph! It's me, jeff.
Well, I finally found you. Steph and I both go to Jesters and we talk about all kinds of stuff. It's making me blush just to think about it:) Your blog is really nice and your makeup always looks great! I might slip down to Jesters tonight for a bit. See if any drama is going on. Usually it is really dead on Sunday night. Right now I'm charging up the battery on my truck. I think I'm about to get it fixed. I just wish those darned curbs would quit jumping out in front of me.
Well, be sweet and I'll talk at ya later.