Sunday, December 7, 2008

No punch line...

A ma'maw, a teen lesbian, and a M-F transsexual walk into a Wal*Mart...

...That sounds like there should be a punch line coming up, but nope, that was just my Saturday morning shopping. My 17yr. old granddaughter spent Saturday with Patty Lou and me. She came out to my wife about 2yrs ago while being schooled about boys and birth control. She said she didn't need it, and after seeing the puzzled look on her ma'maw's face she explained why. Wish I would have known if I was gay or straight when I was that young. Hell I still don't know! How can I with the wrong equipment. Let me get the right parts and then I'll make a decision. 'Til then, I'll go with bi, keep my options open. lol

I went back to Jesters last night. What a difference a night makes! I had a great time, drank only two beers, made it to bed at a reasonable hour, and got up feeling good for work this morning. Patience, I need to learn about that sometime. Every night can't be great, although it seemed that way when I was doin' the crossdressing and excessive drinking thing. But then , how would I know, I don't remember most of it.

Seven hours of cleaning at work today with a sciatic nerve biting my left ass cheek, has just about made me decide that it's time to get something done about a bulging disc in my back. I can't afford the time off though. I may not have a choice, it's getting worse. I sure hope disc surgery has changed in the past 24yrs. The last one was a bitch!

Ok, nothing more from me tonight, I haven't read any of y'alls stuff yet. Is it good? You wouldn't fib, would ya? I didn't think so. Have a good night.


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Lori D said...

A transwoman, a lesbian, and a cisgender female...that was my friends and me when we hung out together recently. We were looking for a punch line too!