Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wants and Needs...

Me and SRS ......I've been reading blogs for the past three hours. The more I read, the more I want. But do I need? I don't know. It sure would be nice sometime in my life to be able to look down and not be disgusted. But is that a want? In life, we get much more that we want than what we need. Is this another want? Seems what started out as a need for me and became a want, is now, after two years of transition, becoming a need again. Or is it? Or am I just being envious?
...I'm so confused today, I don't want to think anymore, it's time to get off of here. I'll go make me an ice cream cone and pig out. That I know in all surety is a want, not a need!



Gillian said...

I've sure felt the ground shift over the years. But if you can afford it, and it won't drastically change your relationship with your spouse or anything else you want to keep, why not fulfill a desire? But, as a transitioned friend once cautioned me, if you have any doubts, don't. It's a cliche, but you might ask yourself, "What can I lose?" From what I can see, you're already a woman; the rest is just cosmetic.

Shauna Baggtt said...

You are absolutely a woman to me, I know I am no expect by far but I am a woman. I too often wonder what some facial work would do for me, and lipo for my waist and tummy, inject it in my butt and hips though there may be complications and I don't know if I am willing to accept that, you know how ill I have been. I want so much to fit in society just like everyone else, what I am getting at Stephanie is it worth the risks?

Michelle said...

Hi Stephanie,
I've asked this same question a lot of myself this year. I do want SRS and FFS, but I wonder if I really will require it in the future. Actually FFS has been a lot more on my mind lately because of some of the features on my face could sure be toned down a bit. I've been asking myself lately if I could be happy with myself without it and I can't honestly say I could at this point. I would love to have SRS, but I've wondered how that would affect my relationship with my wife (She is accepting of my transition at this point). If it would totally change or remove her from my life, I'm not sure if I would be ready for that at this point. Its taken me 10 years to get to the point of her acceptance and that may push her over the other side.
Back to the FFS, For me (if I could ever afford it) I've lately felt that it may mean the difference between sticking out or passing better. Sure there will always be things that could give me away such as my hands, feel or my shoulders, even my height. For me it also come down to the fact that I will always see the manly features in my face no matter how much makeup I use. I just finished reading Donna Rose's book "Wrapped in blue" (great book by the way) and it made me think even more about it. I'm not full time yet, but as I get closer all these thoughts seems to envelop my mind more and more. What a girl to do?
I hope you find your answer as I'm still searching for mine. Good luck hon.
Hugs Michelle

Angel said...
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