Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

Around this neck of the woods, someone transitioning learns early in their change of life that not all people will accept you, in fact, you come to expect it. Therefore, when someone does treat you with dignity and respect it tends to surprise you somewhat.
Patty Lou and I had to go to the clinic yesterday to renew our files allowing for another year of basically free medical service. ($5 visits, $5 scripts,...) Me being completely ignorant of anything having to do with paperwork, with taxes, pay stubs, and forms in hand, we together, and obviously a couple, we went into the volunteers office to get our files updated. He was probably 10yrs older than me, and I found out through conversation that he was a native of this area, which usually means, look for the disrespect to begin. Quite the contrary though, he was very courteous, joking with us, got all the pronouns right,(YEAH!) took each of our pictures, and after complimenting me on making such a brave decision in transitioning, had us on our way in no time. He really did nothing special, nothing that shouldn't be done with anyone who may be a little different, but he made me feel good about myself when it could have been much different. Afterwards, Patty Lou and I went for a burger, and then I went to work with a smile on my face that lasted throughout the evening.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T ...I know what it means to me.



Renee said...

Good for him.

And bad on everyone else who doesn't understand what it means to treat someone with dignity and respect. Moments where people are nice to us shouldn't be monumental events to sing to the heavens...but sadly, they all to often are.

Keep fighting the good fight Steph...someday everyone will get it!

alan said...

What she said!

In 30 years of giving all I had each and every day to help build around 3 million cars, I got told less than a handful of times that I was's the same in so many other aspects of life!

I'm glad you went to work smiling!