Monday, April 27, 2009

One more into the pot.

41yrs ago, (seems like yesterday sometimes) I thought I was the only boy in this world who felt like I should have been a girl. I was 14 and alone with my thoughts. Then I read about 2 men who had become women and I was three. There were at least three people in this world who had feelings like I did. You can just imagine my joy at knowing this, I wasn't alone anymore.Through my aging years, shall we say, I learned that there are many more who are like me, but not until the Internet did I realize that there are so many. (we could start our own country! Hmmm lol) With me living in a smaller town, that feeling of being alone still lingers. I've only met one other girl transitioning that lives here, and we are so opposite from one another that after 3 meetings we drifted apart. Two others that I've heard about don't what to be contacted, so I'm still alone, in a way. That's why YOU! ..get so much of me.
...Betcha wish I'd find someone else to bother sometimes! lol
Ah, well your wishes may have come true! One of my bar friends, C. J. (he works at a convenience store), told me he had a girl come in the store the other day that was going through transition. Telling her about me, she seemed interested in contacting me, but had to get her phone turned on first. That's maybe an excuse, maybe not, there's lots of maybes involved. But just knowing there is someone else close by that I may have a connection with is somewhat satisfying in itself. Who knows, she may need me as much as I need her, so I've decided to make it as easy as I can for her to contact me. With all my info on a card, I'm giving it to C.J. today to pass along. I'm really not expecting to be contacted, I understand about being afraid to come out. Fear paralyzes us sometimes. Maybe she needs a girlfriend to sit with her, (and SCREAM!) on this roller coaster ride of transition. I know I sure do sometimes...



Calie said...

Stephanie, I do relate. Prior to the Internet, there was just no way for me to truly understand and know that there were others out there like me. I read several biographies of transsexuals when I was very young. Canary Conn comes to mind as one of my favorites and one that let me know there were others out there like me.

I hope the other transwoman in town contacts you. I cannot begin to tell you how good it is for me to meet, face-to-face, with others like me and I am fortunate to know several, locally. One of those is my best friend in the world who just plain understands me and I so appreciate that.

caroline said...

Think you got it all just about in this post. Did you ever make contact, I have never found anyone either.

Reading about numbers the other day, scaled up to a global size we do represent the equivalent of a country the size of France pop. about 60,000,000! and we still feel alone!!!

Take care, Caroline.