Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally, GOOD NEWS!

My Florida daughter, Cindy, is coming for a visit. YIPPEE! She's bringing my granddaughter, Stormy, with, the son-in-law staying at home to work. He wouldn't have come even if he didn't have to work, but, so be it. They're coming on the 18th of June, (mine & Patty Lou's anniversary) and going to stay 3 days, staying here with us instead of renting a motel room. I imagine her sister, Shelly, will be trying to get her to stay in her big new house, but it's nearly an hour away in a very small town and Cindy can't understand why she's moving there. (I haven't figured out that one either.) Her mother told her that I wasn't going to change my look just to suit her and she said that was OK, she didn't have a problem with it. I guess it took a couple of years for her to realize that I was serious about this transition, that I wasn't going to live two lives anymore. I hope in the three days she's here, she sees how me and her mother are happier together. Patty Lou has that week off so they're planning places to go, things to do. I have two of those days off, so I'll be right there with them. Another YIPPEE!
I know, it's nearly two months away, calm down, plans can change.
But, ... yippee!



chrissie said...

That's lovwely news, Steph baby!!

Funny how life brightens up so quickly sometimes, when one is down. :)

love n' hugs!

alan said...

Yipee is right! I can understand oldest just missed his and his brother's birthday party for the first time in 31 years. I'm hoping to see him in early August...