Monday, April 6, 2009

More on 'The woman within'...

I'm no different than any other woman. (well, I am in some ways) We are bombarded with the advertising of every kind of product imaginable to make us believe that using said product will make us look just like the women pictured in the ad. Be it clothing, beauty products, even medications, we are told using these is all we need to turn us into perfect specimens of womanhood. Ya right. I'm not so gullible to believe this, but it affects me anyway. Perfection. I see it, I want it, I know I can't achieve it. I am built wrong. Broad shoulders, large hands, a gait that was brought about by the ravages of years living in that previous life left behind cannot be changed. Add to it a closet that when opened screams of a disco era long since passed, (including a small disco ball tucked in the corner!) and you have the recipe for a frustrated, perfectionist, woman longing to blend into a world that praises perfection in beauty to become depressed when trying to achieve this beauty. I must learn to live with my limitations whether I like it or not just as millions of other women do. Those women find clothes they are comfortable with when in a dressy mood, I will too. .....TA-DA, problem solved! ...sigh
(besides, I've bitched enough!)


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Dana Smith said...

Sweetheart, I understand what you mean about having a wrong frame. I'm 6'3" tall. Wanna know what I hear most often? "DAMN that's a big woman!" Why? Because I try not to let the fact that I have a linebacker frame (somewhat anyway) stop me from looking good. So I don't wear dresses either. They look wrong on me. Doesn't mean ALL of them will, or do. I just feel more comfortable, and more myself, in jeans and a shirt. So, that's what I wear. Don't let the ILLUSION of perfection fool you into thinking that's what you should strive to look like. Most of those models are airbrushed. Besides, the average female in America is a size 14, yet a model has to be size 12 to be considered plus-size. Again, it's an illusion. Be yourself, and forget the rest of the world. Take care, and stand proud, no matter what you wear.