Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fifty Five ...

I don't know what the time stamp will say at the bottom of this, but according to my clock, in a few minutes all of these things will turn 55yrs old! .......Jees, How'd that happen?!!


Lori D said...

Well, if I were back in my home state o' Texas, I'd say, "Yee-haw, Happy Birthday, gorgeous!" I think I just said it anyway!

Sonora Sage said...

And you don't look a day older than ... well, a lot less than 55, anyway! Hope I look that good when I get there :-D

Common Teri said...

Happy Birthday girl! I'll be 55 this year too.

Angel said...
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The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie.
The best is yet to come!

Stephanie said...

Lori, you are a sweetheart!
Sonora Sage, it's just a good makeup job!
Teri, so far,(9hrs) it's nothing to fear!
Angel, maybe in spirit, I WON'T grow up!!
Miss Girlfriend, promise?

Love y'all!

Chrissie said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you
happy Birthday to Stephanie!
Happy Birthday to you!

Hope I look as good as you when I get to 55.

Hell, what am I saying! I don't look as good as you NOW, and I'm younger than you!

love and best wishes.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie, I hope you have many more great years ahead of you.
Hugs Michelle

Calie said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Now, when you going to post your REAL picture and not that gorgeous 30-something you found over on Flickr?

Gillian said...

Happy Birthday, Darlin'!

You look fantastic!!

Le visage d'avril said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was the 5th and I am a year behind.