Monday, April 27, 2009

Waiting impatiently!

I've thought for sometime now that Nate has an internal clock that tells him when his beloved Patty Lou is due to arrive home from work. Around 2pm he gets all antsy, goes and sits on the stool for awhile, runs to the door, then goes back to the stool to look out the window some more. Let her be late and this will last for hours. Patty Lou gets home about 2:10, (unless stops have to be made) and when he sees her pull into the driveway he goes running to the door in a fit of ecstatic ecstasy. (Her getting in the door is a trick in itself.) Today I caught on as to what triggers his alarm to ring telling him it's almost time for her arrival.

He was playing by himself, not a care in the world, when the introduction song for the afternoon soap opera General Hospital started playing. He looked at the TV, he looked at me, looked back at the TV, then at the window, then back at me, jumped up all excited and started bouncing around like he'd gotten a new lease on life. Seems the song is his alarm! This is one smart dog! Now all I have to do is get smart enough to train him to do something, .....other than eating snacks!


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