Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cover Girl Liquid Make-up, with Noxema

Can you smell that smell? I can smell it, but I don't need a bottle to be able to smell it, it's engraved in my olfactory senses. It was the first liquid make-up that I ever put on. Yeah, it's been around that long! It's still being made today, and although I don't use it now, Patty Lou does. 'Clean make-up', that's how it's advertised. I'd have to say, it hooked me. Yep, that's what did it. Not the red lipstick, nor the blue eye shadow, not even the black mascara that came in a little red box. Nope, it was that liquid make-up with it's wonderful smell that made me the make-up wearing girl I am today. Somewhere around the age of 14, I put that creamy solution on my face, and even my flawless complexion looked better. (Hey! I was 14, it was flawless then!) I'll admit it, it was a turn-on, and I guess in some way, it still is. The memory of that first time, that first smell, every time I sit down to put on my make-up I remember it. Through the years, I've tried to get that feeling back, but like all first times it can never be, first times are special. Do you remember your first time you did all your make-up? Is it the smell you remember?


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Lori D said...

Good post, I remember certain smells quite well, especially the smell of liquid foundation. And I loved it, still do!