Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yep, I'm livin' in the real world, and it jumped up and bit me on the ass. Just a few days ago, I wrote that I don't like surprises. Now you'll see why.
After she got off from work today, Patty Lou had her 6 month scheduled appointment at the Drs office. A pap smear and a breast exam were done. When she got home I could tell she'd been crying so I knew something was wrong. They found a lump in her right breast. 25 yrs ago, she had a biopsy performed on some lumps that turned out to be benign cysts, so with that in mind there is a little hope that everything will be alright. But I feel like we're one of those ducks at the fair that float around waiting for someone to pay their dollar and pick them. Sooner or later your going to get picked, and we've been floating for a long time. She's 52, I'm 54, every little scare is causing more and more anxiety. It is inevitable that someone is going to pick us up and look at the bottom to see if they are a big winner or if they just wasted their dollar. It sounds real bad, but I'm hoping that there were a lot of losers that paid their dollar before we get picked up. Couldn't they pick another duck so we can just float some more?


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Common Teri said...

My prayers are with you two. Keep floating.