Friday, January 30, 2009


As you can see, I've been playing around with the blog layout and the color, rearranging the furniture, if you will. Maybe it will carry over onto me. I could use a little rearranging, something a little different. Man didn't work at all. Woman is alright, but getting to the complete stage is so costly I'll never make it. I think I'll try beast next. Yes, that's it, beast. Beast is an open category, there's not many of them around. It should be a cheap way to go. You just get hairy, stay unkempt, and growl a lot. Easy. And hey, beauties like beasts I hear. Oh, but wait, I forgot. I already was a beast, sort of a sub category of when I tried being a man. Dang. And there I thought I'd found my place in life. ...sigh. ...Back to more rearranging. Maybe I should try buffoon next, they wear make-up!
......Hear me screaming?



Lori D said...

I like the new page, it's easier to read. For me that's the biggest thing. I like photos, illustrations, and clean text. Perhaps all the italics could be changed too or is that your main style?

The Crossdresser's Girlfriend said...

Why play with archetypes? You are Stephanie and from what I've seen from peering into your window, that's beautiful and kind and sexy-yes, you're sexy. You've come a long way and maybe you've got a long way still but what about how far you've come? Be happy and well and in the moment-the rest will show up. Have faith and we'll all arrange bake sales. It works for Jesus and cheerleaders, right?