Sunday, June 28, 2009

An afternoon conversation

I've been grumbling all afternoon.

S: "I need to write something."
P: Whatcha gonna write?"
S: "I don't know."

S: "I need to write something!"
P:"Whatcha gonna write?"

............a few minutes ago
S: "I need to write something!!" "I don't know what."
P: "You need to write a best selling novel!" ass Patty Lou!



Melissa said... least you wrote something! lol


chrissie said...

It's true....

Or rather, not a novel but your life story.

Told you this before, girl. You write well, and you've got a story that's on the other side of the tracks from Jennifer Boylan's.

It'll sell.


Calie said...

Steph, you REALLY do need to write something!

Calie xxx

alan said...

I'm with them...write, sell, retire!

Because you could!


Stephanie said...

Y'all are the bestest of friends I've ever known. Hugs to you all.

Now ...I feel, have always felt, my writing lacks in descriptive color. I don't work the subject, so to speak. I'm a to the point type of person and that's how I write. To sell something, I would hire a ghost writer, or a least someone to bring more out of me. And besides, my story would have to have that happy SRS ending before it could be told. I'm a few chapters short!

Anonymous said...

You write from the heart..that is all that matters my dear.


Samantha said...

Ego indeo navo locus!

"You need a new location Jack? Where?"

"I don't know!"

Later . . .

"I need to go to through the Stargate!"


"I don't know."

This is an actual sequence out of Stargate SG-1 the episode "Fifth race" and your post made me think of that.