Monday, June 22, 2009

I must be invisable

My youngest downloaded 116 pictures that she took while she was here visiting this weekend. There's not one of me.

Here's one I took.

Stephanie & Patty Lou


chrissie said...


oh petal...
That's a bit..., well..

Either you can let it rankle, or you can try a bit of micky-taking.

Ask them if they were worried you'd break their camera.

It might get the message across that you feel a bit hurt...


chrissie said...

ps.. Not that you WOULD break the camera, hun.

Not seen a bad shot ot you yet.


Wispyblond said...

I would let it go..but give her a couple of verbal shots, like..hey, I am I invisible or what? I may look strange to you.. but Millions love me. Your husband is an asshole..I never said this, but I thought your should know, just in case you haven't figured it out. And my pics, then I want all the money back I spent on you starting at age five!

Calie said...

I feel your pain, Stephanie. Someday, she will regret not taking those pictures.

Love the one you took, girl!

Calie xxx

ps: sorry I am so late with these comments, but just no time lately to catch up on blogs. I am so behind, and reading these means a lot to me.