Saturday, June 13, 2009

They weren't the fashion police!

Just when I was looking for something to write about....

It was Patty Lou's Saturday to work a half day, so I made my pilgrimage into town to meet her at Wal*Mart a little after noon. I went a little early today so I could look at anniversary cards, Thursday it will be 36 years married for us. So anyway, I was in the store for 30 mins. or so, wandering around after I bought the card, and then went up front to the Subway sandwich place to sit and wait for her. I waited about 10 mins., then we went on our normal tour of the store getting everything we need for the week. 15 mins. into shopping, Patty Lou's looking at cake mixes, I wander ahead of her a ways. I look to the end of the isle and see two police officers, a man and a woman, talking with one of the managers, all of them sneaking looks at me. Now, I'm accustom to people looking at me, so I didn't think much about it. But then they start walking toward me. WTF?, goes through my head. They come up to me and she says, "We have a report that you were seen with a gun in your purse." I wish I'd been able to come up with a witty line for a comeback, but I've never had someone ask me if I had a gun in my purse, so all I could say was, "Meeee?" She goes on to say that someone reported seeing a woman in a pink top and pink hat and they saw she had a gun in her purse. "Well it wasn't me!", and I dropped my blue jean purse from my shoulder and opened it to let her look. She did a quick glance in it, never looking in either of the two side pockets. Mr. policeman had to be a smart ass and say, "It must have been another girl in a pink shirt and cap." I wanted to tell him that it just might me someone pulling his chain, or someone thought it would be fun to harass the tranny, but I didn't. She said, "sorry for the intrusion", and they walked away. Having seen all this in front of her, Patty Lou was still looking at the cake mixes, never giving even the slightest hint that she was with me. (Gee thanks, Patty Lou!) After I tell her what they wanted, and an initial "What!", she thought it was funny, and I guess it was. Just not so much when it's happening to you!


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Melissa said...

I wouldn't think it was funny either, Stephanie. I'll bet you dollars to donuts, they were just curious, and used their police powers to get a closer look at you. My first thought was report them for harassment, but if it happened to me, I would have been so unnerved by the encounter, that I probably would have forgotten to note their names, or badge numbers.

Thanks for turning on your little pop up thingy! :)