Friday, June 19, 2009

My Plan B!

With my youngest daughter and granddaughter in town, I played tourist all day. There will be more pics to come, but for now, can someone tell me why they would have a large replica of a grenade in front of one of our famous bathhouses?



Melissa said...

Hi Stephanie!

According to this website: ,the grenade is a piece of sculpture in their summer art exhibit, honoring war veterans.

Congrats on your new more competent shrink, and the interest she's taking in you, including changing your meds. I'm curious to know how your test for Klinefelter's Syndrome turns out. I've often wondered if I'm a member of that club.


alan said...

You'd think they might realize a war vet would much rather see a dove...


chrissie said...

Yeah. I guess I don't get the message.

What's wrong with a statue?

One of my favourite statues here features a WW1 Tommy marching. The realistic nature of the uniform, kit and pose really convey a sense of the waste and tragedy of war.

There is heroism depicted in the statue, but it's not a martial heroism. Rather, it's the stoic heroism of men facing the ultimate horror, and enduring it.