Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rant, stand clear!

Since one thought doesn't stay with me for more than a second, here's a few seconds of frustration, aggravation, and down right pissiness.

Today would have been my mothers birthday. I used to wish she was here so I could say, 'I told you so'. Now I would only tell her I was sorry for causing her so much grief.

Tomorrow is my 36th wedding anniversary. I'd like to have about 34 of them back so I could be a better husband to Patty Lou. I see in her face what me being an ass all those years has done to her.

Patty Lou is on vacation this week. She's planned hers, (and my) week with too many 'go to town' things to do. YooHoo, I have a schedule!

My youngest daughter and granddaughter are driving up from Florida tomorrow. They are staying until Monday with a weekend full of tourist stuff to do. There are already hints from my oldest that she and her husband are going to be vying for her attention. Add to that, my oldest granddaughter who lives up here, is coming out Saturday to see her mother and sister. Her mother has never paid a bit of attention to her, leaving her with her grandmother and father.... Arrrgghhh, tension.

My dog has some kind of itchy skin thing going on that he contracted when he went and got his summer hair cut. His scratching has my already frazzled nervous system doing flip-flops. Patty Lou is at the vet today.

Depending on where you are, later this evening look in the direction toward Arkansas. The sky will be glowing from the intense inferno caused when my head explodes in a fiery crash of electrified nerves.

Breathe, breathe in the air...


1 comment:

chrissie said...

Steph, darling..!!

You've broken the golden rule, pet.

If you have a "rant", it's SUPPOSED to be about somebody else and not yourself..!

Don't knock yourself, girl. You're hangin' in there. All you can do is make the best of the hand you're dealt.

You're still alive, you're still healthy, you're still together, and you've got kids that ain't bankrobbers, drug dealers, serial killers, etc...

You've done OK, girl....